Beer Flight Night

Who doesn't love beer, right?

We certainly do and that is why we created the ultimate beer tasting package! Whether you are looking to spice up a dinner party, plan a fun game night or unique birthday celebration our Beer Flight Night kit is the perfect solution to all. The kit is a fun way to introduce your favorite beers or a great blind tasting event with a bit of friendly competition.

Here are a few tips on the Beer Flight Night kit that will complete your fun night!

Beer -

Most important component and first factor in your tasting - what type of beer would you like to showcase? Below are multiple options -

Serve a variety of styles for your guests to taste such as, a sour, pale ale, wheat beer and a cider. Create a mix of 4 or more beers and put your friends taste buds to the test!Choose a country - have your guests taste test samples of beer from a particular part of the world. For instance, seek out beers only brewed in Germany or Spain. This is a fun way to 'travel' around a particular part of the world.Pick your favorite brewery - If you and your friends enjoy going to a certain brewery and trying their latest creation then this is the perfect treat! Grab a variety of styles and see if your guests can identity the flavors and type of beer.Select one style - only have guests sample beers in the same family such as pale ales or stouts.BYOB - have your guests bring a few of their favorites for everyone to sample.

Food -

Any great get together has some type of snack or meal, and if you are like me, it is a part of the night I always look forward to. While sampling beers people tend to get a little hungry, so try having something to snack on. A few favorites -

Pair the tasting with a charcuterie board - if you really want to get fancy serve a selection of meats and cheeses from the same country as the beer.Tapas or otherwise known as 'small plates' is a fun way to have a mix of foods without spending all day in the kitchen cooking a huge meal.Ready to go - Trader Joe's is perfect for an easy app. Pick up their frozen pretzels and spinach artichoke dip, and kick back and relax.Susie Homemaker - If you are a cook at heart and enjoy testing out your newest creation this is the perfect time! Whip up some buffalo chicken dip or a fancy flatbread and let the critics be the judge.

Mixing up the Fun -

The great thing about the Beer Flight Night is that you can always change up the tasting experience and continue it's use for more fun nights to come! One evening focus on the tasting experience itself and see if you can distinguish the flavor palette the brewery was intending. Another night create a trivia game and keep score for a neat competition. There are endless options for creating a unique night.

Serving / Tableware -

If you enjoy perfecting the small details of a table setting and matching your serving ware to your overall theme this is the step for you! You can keep this casual by serving your food and drinks with a fun cocktail napkin and a decorative party plate or let your artsy side shine by adding a few customized pieces. One of our favorite customized items is a wood carved sampler paddle. Add your guests names or event date for the perfect take away gift!



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