Engaging Your Five Senses

In this blog post we’ll share how your senses connect with planning the ultimate party!

We have all heard of the 5 senses; taste, smell, hearing, touch and sight, but did you know they are key components to planning a party.

So, how does the senses intertwine with party planning?

Read below to learn more!

Let's start with a favorite, taste. When planning any event food and beverages are a key component of the total package. Whether your event requires a seated 5-course meal, an appetizer spread or themed food stations, food is the most memorable component. In addition to menu planning, there are many other components to keep in mind (quantity, temperature, allergens, timing, quality). To have successful, stress-free experience food and beverages is often best left up to a catering expert. A pre-event tasting and/or meeting is a great start, but also ensure you are able to take the time to plan something personal and custom to your event.

Side note.... read reviews! Meeting a vendor in-person is helpful, but client reviews will speak to their ability to execute your event.

A close partner to taste is smell. Many could say those two senses go hand-in-hand, but there are key differences that should be addressed when planning an event. Smell registers a signal to your brain immediately and relays a message of a pleasant surprise, or dreaded encounter. We are not only speaking of food when relaying the message. For example, if you are looking for a smaller, quaint venue possibly an older home or barn you don't want it to smell as it looks. It would not be pleasing to walk into an barn for an event and it smell like animals. Now on the other hand, a smell, even if rosy and nice, should not be over powering. Candles, fresh flowers, herbs, etc. can enhance the smell of a venue, but can also overpower a space quickly. Just keep smell in mind when touring and decorating a space for your event.

Sight - The ambiance and overall layout of your event is the first foundation of a successful event. When you are imaging your event, what is the emotion and overall feeling your mind is capturing? It is our job as event planners to turn that dream into a reality. When your guests arrive they should feel transformed and engaged with the scenery. As everyone walks around the space there should be strategically placed objects their eyes focus on that enforces the consistent atmosphere. Sight gives you and your guests an intuition about the event even without formally saying anything. Please don't forget lighting, we could write chapters on the importance of lighting.

A screeching microphone, a totally quiet room, or a too loud band - NO. Clean audio, background music fostering conversation, or a band that engages guests - YES. Many clients do not think of music or a proper sound system as being a major player in their overall event choices, but trust us... it is! We all hope our guests love the venue and food so much that they are entertained throughout the night, but as the digital era continues to reign sound has become even more important in keeping your guests engaged, and active. Hearing is another category where it is very important to know your vendors abilities and make sure their actions are congruent with your expectations.

Lastly, touch and it's ability to enhance a fabulous party. Depending on the type of event touch can play a large role or a pretty minor one. One example is the feel of your tableware. Today there are so many choices for plates, cups, napkins and cutlery. Make sure that each of your choices match your event - think wood/bamboo for a outdoor BBQ or china/crystal for a ballroom dinner. Other touch examples include type of seating, table coverings, and activities which all can help enforce the vision of your event.



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